Monday, 17 February 2014

Should not society decide how we live our lives?

Without God the concept of good & evil in actions or consequences all become subjective and agreeable by society. However we all judge by the straight line – Absolute Moral Law. There is no question that societies have different interpretations of morality but if you examine the following sentence you will see the illogic of thinking that societies determine morality. "The vast majority of the people in our country participated in that evil deed." If morality was up to society, that sentence would never make sense, but we know that morality is beyond societies and such a proposition is possible.
For example child abuse, rape or genocide – would never be acceptable to anyone on the planet if perpetrated against them or someone they love! Even if a whole society agreed on an immoral or evil thing – They could never justify it as right or good but as collateral or a necessary evil under the circumstances.
If there was no such thing as absolute morality then there would be no 'right' or 'wrong,' just things that you or your society happen not to like. Murder and Rape would not be wrong; they would just become manmade objections. The question then becomes: 'If man is the measure of all things which man? -Which society? If someone with enough power happened to like rape and murder, what right would we have to impose our morality on him? What would be wrong with the person or society, with the power, imposing their morality on you?
If objective moral values cannot exist without God, and objective moral values do exist, then it follows logically that God exists. Moral objectivity doesn’t exist outside of humans – it is inherent and therefore programmed within us (biologists call innate). Where there is programming there is a programmer. This innate ability is of an advanced consciousness and has a purpose. 

Saturday, 15 February 2014

The Methodology of Dawah Manual

Our Methodology of Dawah Manual represents a core concept in Dawah. It highlights how the greatest evidence for the existence of God is the Qur'an itself. By means of what is known as "the Miraculous Argument" it allows the Da'ee to delve straight into a Qur'an focused Dawah conversation; overruling any need to resort to complex and digressive philosophical arguments. It is a manual that offers a structured approach to delivering the message of Islam while detailing practical steps of implementation. It is without doubt useful to both the beginner and seasoned practitioner.

The latest version of the manual (version 3.2) can be downloaded absolutely free by clicking here and visiting Just Dawah's website.