Thursday, 27 September 2018

The Term 'Wahhaabi' And The Reason For Its Propagation

Even to this day especially in the non-Arabic speaking Muslim world, millions are unaware of this and remain infected with the evil propaganda started by the corrupt Turkish politicians of the day and of course colonial/imperial Britain of the 1700s. The British navy was active around the Red Sea and the Arabian sea at the time and the British in the 18th century (1700s) feared that the reform movement taking root in Arabia might easily spread to the newly colonized British India and so their Admirals started corresponding with the Ottomans and used the term "Wahabbism" in their letters to the Turks and told the Turks that they need to reign in "Wahabbism".
So they not only helped spread the "wahabbism" propaganda, they also actively funded "Sufi" movements in British India so that their hold on British India is secured as they were plundering billions in wealth from the colony. That's also why you have so many "sufi shrines" in Pakistan, Turkey, etc. - colonial Britain played its handsome part to support them so that a "passive and pro colonial" movement would take hold in the colonies and other Muslim lands wherever possible.