Monday, 10 June 2013

New Muslim Support

For any new Muslim it is essential to grasp the basic knowledge about prayer and how to perform it, as well as to allso try to understand what our Creator is saying to us.
With this in mind we are pleased to be able to offer any english speaking New Muslims in Manchester a gift pack consisting of the english translation of the meaning of The Qu'ran as understood by the translator (produced by The Quran Project) & My Prayer Booklet and DvD set (by Iman Projects) absolutely free of charge.

So If you are a english speaking New Muslim living in Manchester then please get in touch with us.   Only available whilst stocks last !

For many New Muslims after accepting Islam it can be difficult to know what they are required to do next. They are left with very little support or contact from a Muslim or can be given a bucket full of information which can be confusing or over-burdening. If you are a New Muslim and just want some freindly advice or want to go to the mosque or just want to be able to talk to someone over a coffee , then why not get in touch ?

Just Dawah